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So, let's start of simple, overall, they're absolutely amazing, I mean I can't even tell you how accurate the 7. However, when the DSP is turned off, these need some help in the audio department in terms of sound quality. The way these headphones work is that they use an audio endpoint solution, which in short means they just pass the signal straight through and let the headphones do all the audio processing.

Well, that means the 50mm drivers need a little help getting rid of all the bass they had, namely by increasing the mids and the highs significantly. I recommend using a program called Voicemeter Banana. The reason for this is that it has a very simple EQ built into it and it adds such a small amount of latency to the music that it's almost not even there. However, you can just turn it off when you're gaming to not have to deal with it and you're all set to go.

Now if you're more of the pro audio crowd, you'll probably be using Ableton Live to fix this in which case I need to not explain further what to do. Alright, so let's get onto the quality of the build. The headband is very strong and the metal band is huge, very well reinforced. However, don't take these for granted, the "metal" parts of the headband aren't really metal.

I used a pick to rub at it to see if it would scratch like normal metal and the coating flaked off. However it's a strong coating as it took quite a bit of pressure to get it off. This is an issue if you take these headphones around with you. I've had 3 sets of these before when they were called the Sades Knight Plus and honestly those were a little better than these in the aspect to sound.

However, these are VERY comfortable to wear like their predecessors. The "breathable" earpads these come with are VERY soft compared to other manufacturers who use them, and I would use them if you have issues with your ears getting hot, they'll make the world of a difference. The cable was a huge issue with the last pair of these I had, it was what failed on all 3, However, this new cable is about twice the thickness and heavily reinforced.

Good on you Sades. Alright, the only actual bad part of these is the microphone. It's terrible, the previous ones had a very good microphone and a very nice chipset too. Merci de votre commentaire.


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